Yet another revision

I’ve revised (yet again) 2 out of the 5 metaphors.

The tree metaphor was originally going to be a tree with an up-close view of branches and leaves depicting time. During my search, for images and inspiration for the trees I found it difficult and could not figure out a good way to depict the calendar on the tree. I was looking at cherry blossoms and finally it hit me! Bamboo! Bamboo have sections – which I can use for block of times and the leaves for those that doesn’t have time. It will be a forest of bamboo. Woot!

The second metaphor I decided to revise was the phyllotaxis/snowflake. The snowflake idea – didn’t jive with me and the phyllotaxis – was difficult. How so? Have you ever tried to draw one? It’s not easy. So many dots, 135.7 angle and spirals – made my head hurt. So I set on a search for different patterns. This metaphor dealt with patterns so I decided to look at other ideas. Some ideas included: the honeycomb, starfish, and the octopus. I even thought about a dandelion and the frond of a coconut tree. All really didn’t work for me.

They were great ideas but I wanted to go farther outside the box.

From the coconut leaf, I eventually came up with the idea of feathers and eventually settled on the peacock. The feathers and the overall look of the peacock sparked my imagination and creativity. There is a lot I can do with this. I am happy to say I am uberly excited.

So here are the metaphors thus far:

  • Life is a Highway
  • Nautilus
  • Life in Bloom
  • Bamboo Forest
  • The Peacock

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