After some thought, I’ve decided to make a seperate blog for my continuing work on the calendar.  It didn’t make sense for me to continue posting in this blog.

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From my Capstone Defense:

Time to get back into the groove

I’m back and ready!  I’ve been thinking a lot about this whole info vis thing.  There are a lot of things that I want to accomplish and I want to do them all.  So here is the plan of things I will do:

  1. Come up with a list of terminologies that are being used and figure out how they fit together.
  2. Lifestreaming.  I am interested in the concept of lifestreaming and how people aggregate their online identities.  If anything I am interested in the social aspect and the info vis.  (more to come later)
  3. Calendar – yes people I am going to make this happen.
  4. Other…there are a few other ideas that are floating in my head.

Let the fun begin!

Officially done!

As of today, I am officially done with my capstone.  I have submitted in the final write up and got the signatures required.  YAY!!  Now comes the fun part!  I’m going to take off the rest of the year to focus on restructuring my various websites including this one.  Next year, I will began again and will build this application.  I don’t know if I will continue with the Sundial or go back to Life is a Highway.  I will post all my documents online this weekend.


The Final Ok

It’s official!  I have the final OK to print my Final Write Up!  WOOT!

Organizing, sketches, and such

I’ve sent out the paragraph to my Capstone Committee.  Hopefully, that gets approved.  I’ve decided to organize all my documents that I will need to burn on to the cd.  One major aspect is my sketchbook.  I’ve posted all my sketches online.  You can visit the link up top to view them.

I am so close to being done!