Purpose of the blog:

To keep track of my thought process during my capstone project at RIT.

About the Capstone:

My plan is to design and implement a functional prototype that users can input and view their events in a standalone calendar application. This prototype will be different from the current digital calendars in that it will not only focus on the data that is being displayed and the interaction, but the aesthetic appeal as well. I will develop five metaphors and will then select one to implement. The prototype will mimic what a calendar application might do.

Here is a link to my Capstone Proposal (pdf).

About me:

My name is Kim Nguyen and I am in my last year of my Master’s in Information Technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I have a BA degree in Studio Art from SUNY Geneseo. Most of my interests lie in the intersection of art and technology. Therefore, anything related to this area such as web design, digital/computer art, HCI, interaction design, interface design, graphic design, and information aesthetic visualization (just to name a few) are areas that interest me. For more information about me, feel free to visit my personal website.