Building my views

Weez told me I should get the views working so that is what I have been currently working on. I am therefore taking a small break from the data aspect.

I managed to dynamically build the year, month, and week view. However, I totally forgot about the triangles! Luckily, Matt informed of a way to do it so at least I won’t have to redo everything.

I spent 4 hours yesterday trying to figure out if it was possible to change the thickness of a stroke(the color segment) at runtime. Unfortunately, the only way that can be accomplished is if I drew the segment via code. So after moments of pondering in my head and recalling my first flash class, I realized that the most easiest way for me to change the thickness is to have different frames with different strokes. Therefore, I would just change the stroke via frame.

Things I have accomplished so far:

  • Dynamically built the year, month, and week view.
  • Managed to figure out a way to change thickness.

Things to get done within the next few days:

  • Figure out how to attach the triangle and make that segment bigger. (Will be done by today 4/14)
  • How to access the instances on the timeline via code. (Will be done by today 4/14)
  • Figure out how to build the day view. This is different from the rest of the views due to overlapping and the spanning of time and it cannot be in an individual segment. This will take a couple of days for met to figure out and build it.

I am quite happy with myself so far. I just have to keep on plugging away. Once the views have been built, I will work on the interaction.

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