Day View

**I had started writing this a few days prior but never got around to finishing it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it till now. It was on the page section – unpublished. Weird. But here it is!

The Day View is proving to be a little tricker than expected and has caused some possible changes in the rest of the views.

My first step was figuring out how I would have the three events for overlapping for the specified time. I ended up creating three views for the day views. The first view is for one event and takes up the whole segment. The second view overlaps the first view in half – so that you have two events. The third view overlaps the first and second view in the middle, so that the block is split into three. It’s pretty much a layering process and it looks like the segment is being split into two and then three.

Second step – masking! I ended up doing using the same trick of using different frames. It works.

Third step – how to pull the day events all together. At this point, I have only one event showing. Unfortunately, I have to go back to the data part.

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