Time is an endless circle

I am currently working on my first metaphor – time is an endless circle. There are many ideas that can fit into this metaphor.

Some ideas are:

  • Rings of the tree
    • the inner part of the ring is the oldest, while the outer part is the youngest
    • example website that my professor pointed me to
  • Nautilus
  • A pie chart
  • Atoms/Molecules
  • Clock

It has not been an easy task because I would start working on something that would flow as a clock and then as I start working with the idea I end up with the rings of a tree.

One of the ideas that I was working with ended up combining the ideas of the atom, clock, pie chart, and the tree ring. Who knew it would be so difficult? I think it’s time to rest the circle metaphor and start with something else. Hopefully, the next metaphor won’t be as tough. If I could just get the ball rolling, then the ideas will start flowing.

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