Capstone Dinner

Last night, a couple of my fellow capstone students and I had dinner at our professor’s house. It’s a way to keep us all in check and informed of our each other’s whereabouts during our Capstone process.

After giving my update to everyone, I talked to Andrew Luly who had first initially give me the idea of the metaphor “Life is a highway.” I wanted his idea and view of this metaphor. Somehow, the conversation led to some possible additional metaphors such as the nautilus from my professor Elouise Oyzon and the idea of monsters that would grow from an egg to an adult and would fly away to another planet.

As these two ideas were mentioned to me and thoughts of how I would utilize these metaphors for the calendar swarm in my head, I cannot help but be afraid.

I’m afraid that my application will turn into something that is incomprehensible and not usable in everyday life. My goal is to not only develop an application that is aesthetically beautiful and outside of the rigid grid-like appearance of current digital calendars, but to make it useful in everyday life.

In theory, I would like to build this application with full capabilities (once I receive my Master’s degree 🙂 ).

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