According to my proposal…

According to my Capstone Proposal:

The functionality of the prototype will allow users to: input events, set priority events as well as recurring events, categorize events, search events, and allow the user to view events based on the criteria they have selected. It is important to note that the prototype is a demonstration of what the calendar would do and is not meant to be used as an actual application.

Functional Prototype that will let users:

  • Events
    • Input events
    • Set recurring events
    • Set priority events
    • Categorize events (e.g. birthdays, sports, anniversaries, etc)
  • Displaying events – filtering, viewing
    • Time-based
      • Year
      • Month
      • Week
      • Day
    • Event-based
      • View all
      • View recurrence
      • View priority
      • View category
    • Simple search toolbar

So that is what my proposal says. Boy do I wish I wasn’t so specific in my proposal. But it’s okay, I have a plan. Here’s my current list of things I need to do:

  1. Dynamic Text Labels for each view – done! (Just finished it today! Did not worry about leap year…)
  2. Beef up my XML with more data (probably have 20 events)
  3. Finish up all day events
  4. Figure out how I am going to deal with determining the thickness of the band per segment
  5. Work on Toolbar
  6. Popups
  7. Interaction: Zoom and Rotation
  8. Final Report

So those are the steps that I can think of so far. I can do this!

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