Kim, it’s a D-E-M-O! Please remember that!

So I have essentially 15 days to finish this.  Actually, let’s be more precise.  I will need to finish this demo by May 18th.  I will then have the final report and defend my capstone on May 22nd.  Talk about pressure!

So here’s quick update on what I have done so far:

Spent two days trying to figure out why my Dynamic Text Field would not show up.  It’s because when you rotate the text field, you need to embed the font.

I had a moment of freak out yesterday.  After talking with Andy and Matt, I proceeded to head to the gym to work out.  Mind you this was 10 pm on Sunday night.  I guess my major problem at this point is defining on what a demo is.  The way I am building this prototype is how I would build the actual application.  This is a good thing because I do want to build this.  This is a bad thing because I am doing way more work then I need to at this point for only a DEMO.

I’m taking Andy’s suggestion and making up a list.  I talked to Elouise today and she made me feel better.  I am not going to concern myself with too much of the logic and the data handling.  It’s making the demo feel like what the actual application will do. I am currently finishing up the Day View with the dynamic text field.  After that is done, I will add a few more events to my XML.

I will post an updated timeline and what needs to be accomplish by tomorrow night.

I can do this!

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