Another updated to do list

So far I am on schedule with my to do list. I finished the Day View last night, but after some thinking today, I decided that I am going to back and fix some things. So here’s my list so far (with details):

  • Finish up day event
    • rotation in accordance to specific time
    • should add overlapping event (redo doctor to overlap?)
    • should add overlapping all day events
  • Tool Bar – will make buttons and such
    • Add Events – will add functionality after interactions are done…
    • Search/Filter Bar – will add functionality after interactions are done…
    • Image library
    • Legend/key
    • Help/Faq – will fill in details after everything else is finished…
  • Interactions
    • Zoom
    • Rotation
    • Click
  • Popups/Details on Demand
    • Per segment
      • click – see events for the specific category
      • roll over – see a tooltip
    • Per day/month
      • click the label – changes view
      • roll over the label – see popup/tooltip
    • In day view
      • when clicking specific day event – see details
      • when clicking all day event – see detail and bring to foreground
  • Final write up

I should hopefully finish the demo by Thursday <crosses fingers> and then I can begin the write up…

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