Sh** Happens

Originally, my capstone defense was scheduled for this Thursday (May 22) at 10 am.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances that I was not able to finish a rough draft for my final write up.  Therefore, my capstone defense has been postponed to June 17th at 10 am (70-2500).

I am happy and sad.  I am sad because I had wanted to finish before I walk across the stage.  In addition, my friend Andy won’t be able to attend my defense because he will be starting his new job.  I am happy because it will give me more time to polish up my demo some more as well as my capstone defense.  I was thinking that maybe I could do it next Tuesday before I live for my trip but do I want to go crazy with trying to finish up before I leave and not enjoy my grad party and such?

I will still try to finish up as much as I can this week before I graduate.

Things left to do:

  • Demo – get rotation and zoom finished up
  • Final write up

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