Update: IT WILL get done.

Hello World! Yes, I know I have yet to update.  I started my new job last week and things have been going well.  I know I have been saying that I will finish up my final write up and I WILL!

I WILL have it done by this weekend (well at least the draft that will get sent to my Captone Committee). You are probably wondering what will be different.  Well, let’s just say I am motivated NOW more than ever.

I’ve got many plans for this app once I finish this write up.  One thing is incorporating the todo list.  I personally view my todo list in a calendar format and have plans to try to incorporate this idea into the calendar app.  As stated, I will be working from scratch again and oh yea it will be open source.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or want to partake, drop me a comment.

*Please note: I am building this app for purely selfish reasons.  I’m tired of using current digital calendars and wish to build something that is useful and pretty!  🙂

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