Getting back into the groove

I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me over the next week. I haven’t done much capstone stuff in the past two weeks due to Wedding plans and Laptop problems. But everything is squared away and so I am ready to begin.

The design process is finished and now begins the implementation part. I’ve been looking at current articles on the integration of Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex. The challenging part is developing the framework for the prototype as well as finding a way to implement the events on the “highways” via code. It’s especially tough for me because I am not a strong coder and it takes me a bit. I am hoping I can use both Flash and Flex but as a backup will use just Flash.

I also need to catch up on some reading. There are a few books that I have that I need to read and make notes. I will post a more thorough list of what I will be doing exactly tonight.

Side note:  After looking at the previous post with the sketches, I decided I need to sketch some more to better demonstrate what the events will look like.  I will make 4 sketches with events placed on each view.

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