How many?

As I am here at work thinking about how I would build my application, I found something to be concerned with.

  • How many events does a user put on a calendar?
  • A user may put schedule for 2 appointments that will overlap.
  • But what about more than that?
  • What if a user has many events?

These are some of the questions that are floating through my head.  Even though, this application is ONLY a prototype, I cannot help but be concerned with it.  Granted the user can filter out events by selecting what type of events to display, but I am worried with information overload.  It is not useful to have a whole lot of information presented to you at once.  If anything, you would see a preview and can select the view/area for more details.

I will need to examine Google Calendar and Palm Desktop to see how they handle a lot of events.

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