Defense and such

So today was the day I defended my capstone (6pm). Originally, it was supposed to be in the GCCIS building. Unfortunately, there was a power maintenance and therefore would be no power in the building in the presentation I was to give. Only the faculty was notified and it was a good thing that my professor Chris Egert realized this (even though he realized this Sunday night at 7 pm ish…)

After a series of…mishaps (trying to figure out how to display the presentation, calming down the Weezlings, putting Teo out, and making sure Rufus doesn’t try to sit on my lap) I was finally able to present. And it was a success! I’m done! Well…almost. I still have to do a couple of revisions for my final write up but hey at least I don’t have to worry about my presentation.  After that, I actually had a glass of mead.  (Mind you I don’t drink).

Thanks to all that attended! (Weez and the household, Egert, Baker, Cascoli, Andrew, Matt, Ada, Lynette, Uncle Man, Ed, Eric, Paul, and Sarah)

I am now off to Cali and will come back with a better head on my shoulders. I will post more on the final details, write up, and the…DEMO!

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