Daily Archives: January 23, 2008

Brainstorming the Peacock metaphor 0

During my critique yesterday, Elouise Oyzon (who is my Capstone Committee Chair) made a comment on the last metaphor that I showed. She said something along the lines of “Wow. That’s very you.” and “There’s a lot that can be done with this metaphor”. The metaphor that she was talking about was the Peacock. Even […]

Other things to do… 0

Besides developing the metaphors, there are many other things I need to work on during my capstone. They are: Books: Need to be read and returned. Need to decide which ones to buy. I need to make my list and order them. I’m an avid reader and some of them aren’t that technical – so […]

The 1st Critique 0

Yesterday morning, I had met with my capstone committee to go over my 5 metaphors.  Overall, it went well and I received a lot of great feedback. The next step is to further develop the metaphors that I find interesting.  Therefore, I will be developing 4 out of the 5 metaphors.  I will be dropping […]