Monthly Archives: May 2008

Defense and such 0

So today was the day I defended my capstone (6pm). Originally, it was supposed to be in the GCCIS building. Unfortunately, there was a power maintenance and therefore would be no power in the building in the presentation I was to give. Only the faculty was notified and it was a good thing that my […]

Sh** Happens 0

Originally, my capstone defense was scheduled for this Thursday (May 22) at 10 am.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances that I was not able to finish a rough draft for my final write up.  Therefore, my capstone defense has been postponed to June 17th at 10 am (70-2500). I am happy and sad.  I am […]

Another updated to do list 0

So far I am on schedule with my to do list. I finished the Day View last night, but after some thinking today, I decided that I am going to back and fix some things. So here’s my list so far (with details): Finish up day event rotation in accordance to specific time should add […]

Are Span Days (i.e. Vacation, Conference, Trip/Visit) like an All Day? 0

So are they?  I don’t know.  They are similar to an All Day event and a Specific Time event.  So what to do? At this point,  I’ve decided that it will act like an All Day event.

Update: List of Things to do 0

Here is an update on my list thus far: Dynamic Text Labels for each view (Did not worry about leap year…) Beef up my XML with more data (ended up only having 12 events and only in May) Finish up all day events (added: finish up day view) (this will be hard coded and I […]