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So close.. 0

According to Weez, I am one paragraph away from finishing! WOOT!

I am still alive! 0

Yes I am.  I am in the process awaiting for feedback from my Capstone committe on my Final Write Up.  Once that has been approved, the fun will begin!

Update: IT WILL get done. 0

Hello World! Yes, I know I have yet to update.  I started my new job last week and things have been going well.  I know I have been saying that I will finish up my final write up and I WILL! I WILL have it done by this weekend (well at least the draft that […]

Sundial Demo 0

Here is what you all have been waiting for! A link to my Sundial Demo. I’ve been busy working on my portfolio and final write up. Some things to note on my demo: This is only a DEMO! It’s not meant to be used as an actual application. It’s only a proof of concept. Best […]

Defense and such 0

So today was the day I defended my capstone (6pm). Originally, it was supposed to be in the GCCIS building. Unfortunately, there was a power maintenance and therefore would be no power in the building in the presentation I was to give. Only the faculty was notified and it was a good thing that my […]