Daily Archives: December 19, 2007

Life is a Highway 0

After I made the decision to take a break from the metaphor “Time is an endless circle,” I decided to take a whack at the metaphor “Life is a Highway”.  This metaphor is much easier to work with. The wheels are churning! As I continue to work on this metaphor, a thought did cross my […]

Capstone Dinner 0

Last night, a couple of my fellow capstone students and I had dinner at our professor’s house. It’s a way to keep us all in check and informed of our each other’s whereabouts during our Capstone process. After giving my update to everyone, I talked to Andrew Luly who had first initially give me the […]

Time is an endless circle 0

I am currently working on my first metaphor – time is an endless circle. There are many ideas that can fit into this metaphor. Some ideas are: Rings of the tree the inner part of the ring is the oldest, while the outer part is the youngest example website that my professor pointed me to […]